I am currently re-drawing and coloring the first volume of the series, in order to have a high quality re-launch once May 9th comes around.  All of the original first two volumes of the series will be in full color, and there will be a dual release schedule with Tapastic as well.

The release schedule will be a bit different and based around “episodes”: collections of pages that come out all on one day of the week with either a connecting story thread or a clear beginning, middle and end.  For example, the pilot episode will feature 11 pages.  Normal episodes will feature anywhere from 3 to 5 pages.  There will also be separate episodes for the dividers in between the chapters of the story (such as news stories, articles, band posters and sketches).  I’ve divided the story this way in order to fit in with Tapastic’s format a bit more, and because it adds to overall readability for people following the story week-per-week.  Getting just a page in isolation every other day doesn’t really cut it to me, and I have the resources to provide a story with a better pacing, since I’m re-tracing my steps.

For the record, episodes will be released weekly on this website on Tuesdays. Tapastic will get their updates on Wednesdays. As far as the navigation of this site is concerned, pages will still be divided into chapters (Tapastic users will just have episodes to navigate by).

(Volume 3 has been suspended for now, it will be released using the episode release schedule once the re-vamped Volume 1 and Volume 2 are released)