The day finally came. I welcomed the modern era and decided to format the comic in a way that’s actually pleasant to view for digital distribution. All pages of Druid City from here on out will feature full color, and will also be released on Tapastic a day later!

Here we see Hunter doing something he’ll do a lot at the start of every story arc; drive. I just think driving puts people in a state where they process things in a different way, sort of a different mode of being. Like switching from the usual Arwing levels of your everyday life to All-range mode. Thus, I think having a character do it helps with suspension of disbelief, for no good reason, just seems to way to me.

There’s also some establishment of the comic’s culture here, with Barking Car Beer, Spirit, and just plain Coke established as things you can drink. All of these things get full names later, and I didn’t want to make people think they were some kind of relevant plot detail, so none of the full names are show in these panels. Some of those symbols on the pins stuck on the roof of the car may have some relevance later.

And hey here’s a new idea.  I’m going to be making a playlist for each volume consisting of appropriate songs to enhance your reading pleasure. The very first song on it begins with this page and (should) end around Page 011.  Here’s the link to the song, Baak Gwai’s Long Night.

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Druid City Comic 2017
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