I had to use my current car as a reference here.  I decided a while back ago to never draw a car from scratch again. Just don’t have an inkling of how the damn things are put together. So there’s three businesses established here.  SubShack is an analogue for the Firehouse Subs I worked at when I first came up with Druid City back in late 2010.  Red Wrench Bar is a reference to a very old and now non-existent bar from Tuscaloosa’s history, The Yellow Hammer. It never existed in this location, but I needed a bar close by for the happenings in Chapter 6.  Wang’s is an analogue to Swen’s Chinese Restaurant, a local pair of Chinese restaurants in Tuscaloosa.

Both Swen’s and the Firehouse Subs can be found close to the University of Alabama by the Strip (University Blvd.) in real life.  I based a good few locations around the area that I saw the most of at the time, which would be this parking lot.

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