Introducing Jack Thorn, whose working at this Sub Shack right now.  My job back in the day involved slicing meat in the mornings at this place’s real life location and through that boredom, Druid City’s concept was born. I held that job from the summer of 2010 to the summer 2011 while waiting to build up some funds for grad school at Savannah College of Art and Design,; and waiting for their schedules to pan out in a way where I could finish in three academic quarters. I ended up at SCAD for four academic quarters due to failing an evaluation, but whatevs, my time in grad school still only took a year and stayed in Savannah for nearly a year longer due to making reliable freelance money.

Incidentally, I once talked to a customer and said a phrase that sounded suspiciously similar to, “Get the Hell Out.”  I think I was refering to something on the menu.  Anyhow, the customer and my boss apparently both thought I said that because the customer scrammed and my boss was curious about what just came out of my mouth.

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