The original setting for this scene took place in a sort of bizarro world version of the place it was based on.  In real life, Wang’s is actually Swen’s, and is a local Chinese restaurant chain in two town in Alabama. The location I’m referencing looks exactly like it does here.  In the original version of Druid City, it was a gimmicky restaurant with dragons and chickens all over the walls, to the point where it conflicted with the argument that’s about to break out in a moment.

And hey look, the Current Playlist Song has changed. This time it’s Gimme All Your Love from the Alabama Shakes. When I was collecting reference photos for this scene, Gimme All Your Love was on the PA system. Alabama Shakes is a relatively big name now, and I’m lucky enough to have caught them a couple of times randomly for free at Egan’s bar in Tuscaloosa before I even knew the name of their band.  I just remember the sound.

Current Playlist Song: Alabama Shakes’s Gimme All Your Love (Pages 012-025)

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