First example of one of the chapter leaves.  Chapter leaves are where I put a buffer in between one chapter and the next.  I fill this space with things from Druid City’s universe, such as news articles, posters, graphics, photo collections and various minutia.  I took some inspiration from Watchmen for this format.  Plus it seemed kind of necessary in a story where news articles and the written word was an integral part of the plot.  For those who can’t read the font or can’t work with the font size on the image, here’s a transcript of the main article.

Corruption in your overhead

The Druid City University Student Government Association has been pilfering funds from tuitions and fund-raising to adorn their trips to away football games with limousines, escort services and mini-bars. Hopefully, reading that token of information has kept your eyes fixated at this very special page of newsprint. The entire cost of these vanities is [censored by The DCU Buzz]. Now that everybody is on board, it’s time to break tradition. I dislike writing news articles in the first person; it takes away a layer of professionalism, but as you can see I’ve already thrown that nicety out. The reason I’m breaking form isn’t to live up to some over-romanticized Gonzo-style journalism, but to convey the story clearly, as my humble assistant Jack Thorn and I were solely responsible for discovering the the gap in the budget.

As far as my research goes, SGA treasurer Connor Dillenger, son of County Commissioner Nancy Dillenger, was chiefly responsible for hiding the costs. Connor Dillenger originally wrote the extraneous away game accomodations off as the installation cost for recycling bins at DCU’s numerous dormitories. Many students should fondly the remember the breath-taking installation of one aluminum can bin per dormitory across campus. A copious amount of beer cans would pile into these bins, but it would take a keener eye to notice that there was never any official form of pick-up for these bins. According to a member of Sustainable DCU, Douglas Fairhope, their student organization was solely responsible for delivering the aluminum cans to the nearest recycling center, located an hour away.

Meanwhile, photos of SGA president Patrick Growler, (whose memorable student body equality campaign slogan was “When was the last time you even talked to someone of a different race? I mean really, brah, think about that s**t”) vice president Marsha Ingram, Dillenger and secretary Nolan van Sant were taken in abundance at football games. The four appeared at all of the DCU Bees’ football games, both home and away, all looking smashing, and also smashed. Any random student who bother to care would wonder how these four were allowed to go to every football game in a secure location while the rest of the student body was swimming in empty beer cans. I, personally, saw this as an issue, and I began to research the SGA’s budget. Considering the budget is transparent at this institution, finding out much of the SGA spend on the recycling bin installation was only a matter of looking it up. But since the cost of pick-up was included in the budget, and there were no results, save for the efforts of a few good environmentalists, my suspicions were roused.

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