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The SGA has been robbing you

In order to confirm this conjecture, I had to go to the source, and set up an interview with Conner Dillenger. Through a cross-examination of Dillenger’s practices as our treasurer, I was able to notice a contradiction in what kind of money he was committing to the sources in question. I directly brought up that Sustainable DCU was taking on the burden of transporting the empty aluminum cans to the recycling facility in the next city over. Dillenger claimed that funds were being given to Sustainable DCU as the SGA supported student groups of all kinds, and thanked them for their service. As nice as this may have sounded, true or not, it did not explain why there was still a sizeable amount of the recycling program’s budget dedicated to transportation if a student group was taking care of that work. I questioned Dillenger about what that portion of the budget was dedicated to and he claimed that it went to renting transportation vehicles for Sustainable DCU. Now, I know a fair few environmentalists on campus. They do not ride in anything resembling the quality of a rental car. I think that only three of them own cars, and the remaining eleven rely on those three not only for delivering recyclables, but for general transportation to the local rivers, arboretum and the occasional outdoor rave.

So, the big questions now rest on the Office of Student Conduct to investigate these claims. Will you take these four fund-siphoning sycophants to task based on what I’ve said today? What about the word of our well respected Sustainable DCU? Will the actual government surrounding the university hold this fraternity-led “Machine” to task?

What will it take to get their attention? A front page article in the student newspaper? A special report on the local news? Placing my finding on the world wide web for the entire student body to see uncensored? Enough queries. The choice is yours.

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