Chapter 2 starts up today. So here’s one of the better concepts I had going into the first Volume of Druid City. I wanted to expand the cast a lot in this chapter, and knew that each new character wasn’t going to have a ton of time, so I set up a few of them in Hunter’s phone so they wouldn’t be complete strangers when Hunter runs into them later.  For the record, Ben Kingsley and Fanta Ohno are characters who were only important in Hunter’s undergrad years.  A variety of circumstances have made them none too keen on interacting with Hunter much now that they’ve graduated and moved on with their lives. I don’t know who Franky Danky is, but I want to.

Also, there’s a new Playlist song starting with this page.

Current Playlist Song: Ferguson and the Copper Dogs’ “Devil” (Pages 026-038)

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