Introduction to Will Hall.  When I first started writing Druid City, he started off as an analogue for my best friend in real life.  He later sort of became a mix of my best friend and his brother.  Then Will Hall finally ended up becoming Will Hall.

This page also introduces what will become the most familiar location in Druid City; Will’s apartment at The Weeping Willow Apartment Complex.  The visual variety of the apartment will always be mixed up due to a rotation of movie posters. I decided to do something a bit different for movie posters for the reboot of this series.  Used too, I would sometimes draw a movie poster out, or I would use a screenshot from a public domain movie or something I worked on.  I found the mixed media clashed though.  So now, anything that references a real movie will use a still or some image from the referenced movie.  Any totally made-up movie will be a drawn out poster.

For this page, only the The Cannibal Hitchhiker poster is fully visible. This was actually a really poorly made (but kinda snazzy-styled for the time) home movie I made at age 19 with a community college buddy and the best friend that Will Hall is based on.  For those who want to sit through the pain of the bad camera, bad audio, and my post-puberty voice, check out the link to it here. (The Cannibal Hitchhiker)

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