Alright, so there’s almost four posters in full view here.  Cashiers, Lockjaw and Just Sex in panel one. Beer Rocket in panel five.

Cashiers is a pretty obvious send-up of Kevin Smith’s Clerks. Lockjaw is an awful thing me and the guys from The Cannibal Hitchhiker made after a weird trip to Olive Garden. You can’t see the title here, but you can see the salad tongs. Just Sex is a sixty minute movie Will Hall’s real-life analogue directed back in 2010. About ten of those sixty minutes are pretty good, although I’m still proud of him pulling together a rag-tag group of actors and crew to push something like it out during a blazing summer. A blazing summer which nearly killed me of exposure during my job as a script supervisor and grip. The debut of the movie was super nice, with about eighty people showing up to see something they had no clue about going in. The Beer Rocket poster is a send-up of Bottle Rocket, which I’ve actually never seen to completion, due to thinking it sucks.

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