Bad news.  I was laid off from my job last week, and have been scrambling to make arrangements ever since it happened.  I will be fine as far as expenses go, my overhead is low, and I will be receiving severance pay.  While my financial affairs may be in order for now, the amount of time I spend on things has to re-budgeted, and thus, I can’t justify spending the amount of time that I do working on Druid City from week to week.  I will be re-focusing my time on applying for jobs and taking a couple of classes while I get my life back on track, which could go a few different ways.  The delay could be temporary if I find new work relatively soon, but if time drags on with no new job, I will reapply myself to earning a new degree in a totally different, but well-paying, field.  If I end up going back to school full-time, I won’t be able to update the series regularly for a number of years.  I may very well be able to steal away some time to do the work on pages here in there, but I wouldn’t be making updates until I could make them week to week.

So, it may be just a few month or a few years, but Druid City will return to regular updates at some point, most likely with a sizable backlog. Until then, ciao.

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