I’m rather tired of these graphic novel adaptions of novels at this point. The Web was written by Jonathan Kellerman, adapted by Ande Parks, and lazily illustrated by Michael Gaydos. This shitty book is distributed by Random House.

Narrative: Some guy named Dr. Alex Delaware gets to go on a three-month island vacation by helping out an old fogey named Dr. Moreland search through a mountain of research at a leisurely pace.  Alex brings along his pretty lamp of a girlfriend, who has a name, I think, but she mostly just has sex with him and bravely holds onto a tarantula despite being deathly afraid of hissing roaches. As one would expect would happen when invited to a tropical island for no reason, bad shit starts going down, people get into deadly accidents or killed, and tensions rise with a politician.  Some other things happen but it’s mostly boring. Moving on.

Why It Sucks: This was actually well paced and filled with content compared to the other graphic novel adaptions of prose that I’ve read, but the added length and steady pace betrays the plot considering that it’s just so boring.  The artwork isn’t particularly interesting to look at and the characters can be hard to distinguish from one another. Michael Gaydos clearly didn’t care because he copy and pastes character poses and faces into subsequent panels all the time, sometimes even on the same page or in the next fucking panel, but just zoomed in a bit.

I mentioned earlier that Alex Delaware’s girlfriend is basically a pretty lamp and that trope is particularly obvious in this book, considering that the only character development she gets is her exposition about being comfortable with insects, and then this is undermined by her being scared witless by roaches later on.  Otherwise she just follows Alex around, fucks him and gets in a bikini.  From what I understand The Web is part of a long series featuring Alex Delaware, and perhaps this girlfriend is just one of several.  I would at least hope so, because if not than apparently no one involved in this process knows how to write women.

Final Words: The twist reveal at the end of the book is boring and I couldn’t care about anyone involved, despite some characters getting a fair amount of focus.  Alex Delaware is your typical mystery novel sleuth and is inexplicably competent considering that he’s supposed to be a psychologist, but I suppose at this point he has a lot of experience with getting into sticky situations.  The book ended before my patience with the copy and pasted character drawings completely blew up and I set fire to the damn thing, and considering that this book was public property, that wouldn’t have reflected well on me. Me and my long fuse.

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