After checking out exactly how long it would take me to post all the pages I have done of Druid City, I discovered that it would take me until the end of 2017 to get to the end of Volume 2. That’s way too long to get the story rolling for my tastes, and I have been wanting to get past the very clunky Volume 1 in order to regularly post the better artwork and tighter writing that starts in Volume 2.

So, starting on Thanksgiving week, I’ll be posting a full chapter of Volume 1 each day, save for Thanksgiving day itself. So here’s the update schedule for the rest of the month:
Monday, November 23rd: Volume 1, Chapter 5
Tuesday, November 24th: Volume 1, Chapter 6
Wednesday, November 25th: Volume 1, Chapter 7
Friday, November 27th: Volume 1, Chapter 8
Monday, November 30th: Volume 2, Front Cover and a few pages with no dialogue to get the ball rolling.
Tuesday, December 1st: Release of a “What is Druid City?” video.
Wednesday, December 2nd: Regular MWF updates begin again. Three pages of Volume 2 and the rest of the story going forward will come out each week.

I’ll also be advertising a bit more starting on December 1st, so leading with the better content makes more sense to me.

Enjoy the deluge of upcoming content.

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