This was shot back in the summer and took me until December to finish. So much was cut out in order to trim the fat and just present a tight message too. I’ll detail why this took so long after presenting some credits.

Cinematography Camera Operation: William Blanchard (
Sound Technician: Matt Bryant

Song Featured: “Devil” from Ferguson and the Copper Dogs

Matt Philips is in here too:

Special thanks to Bo Hicks, Jamie Cicatiello, Tyler Marshall, Sarah Ferguson, and to everyone who wanted to be cartoonized for my backgrounds.


But basically, I had to rescript part of the video because I decided to launch Druid City as a webcomic half-way through making it. Not to mention, I added the opening animation that includes over 40 characters.  Oh, and adding the green screen took time too. I probably would have kept filming little things to replace imperfections had I not both broken the sunglasses used in this video (which didn’t stop me from taping them up and wearing them to a Rocky Horror shadowcast, where I lost them). The audio was also an awful mess because we filmed in so many different locations with various levels of noise going on, not to mention doing voice over with a different mic.  I had to hire an acquaintance to get the audio to an acceptable level. There were still some problems with the audio noise changing over adjacent cuts, so adding a song for a ground track was needed to mask this, and to add some great local character to the bit even more.

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